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This enquiry is directed to anyone, male or female, who remembers the UK Politian, Denis Healey.  If you do, I think you will be at least 55 years old.  Time, of course, plays havoc with our facial features and, unless you have a very good Plastic Surgeon tucked away (pun intended) then we all suffer the same fate.

I venture to ask whether this particular phenomenon afflicts just my husband and me.  After the age of 60, we both noticed that our eyebrows took on a life of their own and the hairs began to ‘sprout’ in all directions, particularly upwards.  I could claim it may be due to plucking/waxing over the years but my husband has certainly never indulged in such vanity.  So readers, has it happened to you?  Why not start a debate on this website?

Nervous Nerys




After some years of learning French to a ‘reasonable’ level, clearly, under authoritative pressure, my brain still goes to scrambled eggs.  I was driving out of a local town having been to the hairdresser, when I was flagged down by group of Gendarmes pulling in a number of drivers.  I wound down my window to a young Gendarme – blonde hair, blue eyes, tall with a lovely smile, - my type 30 years ago, and gave him a warm smile in return.  The following sentences were carried out in French by both of us but I will write them in English for understanding.

Gendarme:      Good Morning Madam.  Have you just come from the school?
Me:                 No, the hairdressers but I am on my way to school for my French lesson.

There is a pause and the Gendarme is looking at me with a very blank expression on his face.  He breaks into English.

Gendarme:      Madam, I asked you if you had drunk any alcohol this morning.

Me:                 No.

My brain had mistaken the word “alcool” for “ecole”.  In an effort to redeem myself I told him that at least I had my alcootest (breathalyser) kit in the car.  I reached down to the side door pocket without looking, and triumphantly waved a packet of tissues at him!  I had forgotten that my husband had given the alcootest kit to a friend and had not replaced it.  The lovely man gave me the sort of smile he probably reserves for village idiots and waved me away.  Keep taking the French lessons.

Annie O’Kane




There has been a lot of doom and gloom around these last 3 years or so with rising prices, low exchange rates and a stagnant property market.  We all need a laugh or two now and again so why not send in your French language bloomers.  I’ll begin with one of mine.  We had a holiday home in France for 2 years before moving over permanently in 2006.  In the UK we had enrolled in a French language course at our local community college but after a full day of stressful work we were not at our best to take much into our brains at a 7pm – 9pm class once a week.

Just after we moved into our house permanently, our French neighbours asked how I was enjoying France.  I bravely said “Je suis tres jolie ici en France”.  They nodded and I felt quite triumphant that they had understood me.  It was not until about a year later when attending French lessons at Ecospace in Montmorillon, did I find out that I had actually said “I’m very pretty here in France”.  When I told my husband he said they must have thought, “She hasn’t looked in the mirror lately!”

Annie O’Kane










About the residence permit "post Brexit"

17/11/2018 - dear friends, there is a meeting in Montmorillon organised by the Sous Prefecture of Vienne monday (19th at Civray ?) and another at Montmorillon ( Wed 21st Nov) annouced by Centre Press today but the "journalist" do not give the date, writting Monday 6pm and Wednesday only (!) Also il you are concerned, you should call the news paper or the Prefecture a.s.a.p. for more informations.

1, boulevard de Strasbourg 86500 MONTMORILLON

Ouverture au Public  :

Téléphone : 05 49 91 12 44

Fax : 05.49.91 20 75

courriel :





Press release 

Paris on november 2017

France: Desecration of military cemeteries by Wind turbines

Because of the resulting international outcry , Engie withdraw its Wind farm project


Not without humor Australia on Tuesday welcomed the "very touching" decision of the French group Engie to give up a wind turbine project on a battlefield of the First World War where thousands of Australians have perished. (AFP dispatch dispatch of 21/11/2014)


The Fédération Environnement Durable (FED),  which is the National representative group of 1,200  associations  of volunteer citizens from all regions of our country, is asking President Emmanuel Macron to also cancel  the government's plan to erect 75 giant wind turbines on the Arromanches Marine Cemetery, one of the world's most symbolic places of the World War II conflict.

Press contact

J.L. Butré

Pdt EPAW and FED


Press release

Paris on November 10, 2017

France : shameful Wind turbines 

After Verdun and Douaumont, a company plans to build a wind farm  in Riencourt-les-Goncourt
( Pas-de-Calais ) on a World War I battlefield, which 
cost Australia at least 10,000 casualties and where the bodies of many of the fallen were never recovered.


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is being urged to urgently intervene to stop the desecration of these Australian war graves in France.

The Fédération Environnement Durable (FED),  which is the National representative group of 1,200  associations  of volunteer citizens from all regions of our country, is asking President Emmanuel Macron to cancel this project .


The FED is also protesting the government's plan to erect 75 giant wind turbines on the Arromanches Marine Cemetery, one of the world's most symbolic places of the World War II conflict. 


The FED denounces the financial voracity of the wind manufacturers and all the organizations which support them, which not only ruin France and destroy its landscapes, but now dishonor it.

Press contact

J.L. Butré




Le Royaume-Uni quittera l'UE le 29 mars 2019 à minuit

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A mystery solved

union jack

Twenty eight flag poles but only 27 flags. Strange. What had happened to the missing flag?......Which flag was missing?
The mystery presented itself as we drove past the 'Roundabout of Europe' in Montmorillon in May this year, on our first visit of 2017. Having passed the roundabout several times in subsequent weeks, including one complete

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Beware! Buses on the ligne 103 Poitiers - Chauvigny -St Savin - Le Blanc

some buses from Poitiers don't go anymore to St Savin unless you book in advance a minibus from Chauvigny to St Savin or Le Blanc to St Savin and return. Booking a day in advance before 5 pm. is required - Phone: 05 49 46 27 45

See the timetable, such buses are mentioned LAD

You can also use the ligne TER SNCF directly from Poitiers to St Savin without extra booking



You appreciate the "cuisine francaise"

watch this map printed in 1929 about the french cooking

Carte de France en 1929



A journey in Berry


tbb vapeur

In the heart of green country Berrichonne, an unforgettable journey awaits small and big, aboard an
  authentic "Local train" dating from the beginning of the last century.

  Join us at the Railway station of ECUEILLE for a wonderful venture through meadows and forests,
  and discover the leisure centre of "La Foulquetière" as well as the villages of LUCAY-LE-MALE,

More informations


tbb autorail



All ABOUT THE New EU Seed Law

Updated Thursday May 9th 2013


On Monday May 6th a draconian new law was put before the European Commission, which creates new powers to classify and regulate all plant life anywhere in Europe.

The "Plant Reproductive Material Law" regulates all plants. It contains immediate restrictions on vegetables and woodland trees. (It also creates powers that can be used to restrict any other plants in the future, but the details of how this will work are left for later.)

Under the new law, it will immediately be illegal to grow, reproduce or trade any vegetable seed or tree that has not been tested and approved by a new "EU Plant Variety Agency", who will make a list of approved plants. Moreover, an annual fee must also be paid to the Agency to keep them on the list, and if not paid, they cannot be grown...

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depending where you live, the rule has changed. In Saint Savin, the collection door to door will be done only once a week, wednesday morning. For more information call the mairie. You can also visit the web site:




Quelques conseils pour bien vendre ou acheter une maison:

Certains de nos amis voulant vendre une maison viennent de subir quelques desillusions, aussi nous nous permettons de rappeler quelques conseils:

Acheter ou vendre une maison necessite de connaitre de tres nombreuses lois francaises. Pour vous aider et vous éviter des erreurs qui peuvent vous couter tres cher, nous vous conseillons de vous adresser avant tout, a un NOTAIRE. Le notaire est le seul homme de loi en France qui pourra rediger et vous faire signer les actes officiels pour l'achat ou la vente de votre bien immobilier (contrairement a l'attorney, lawyer, councel or solicitor anglosaxon). Le notaire doit aussi vous conseiller et vous indiquer les couts exacts, les frais et le taux de plus value de la vente ou de l'achat.

Cependant pour la vente d'une maison, vous n'etes pas obligé d'en confier la publicité au notaire: vous pouvez aussi vous adresser a une agence immobiliere qui sera rénumeree par l'acheteur ou meme vendre directement votre bien a un particulier: cela evitera de tres gros frais, le notaire etant toujours obligatoire pour rediger les actes officiels: la "promesse de vente" et "l'acte de vente".

Si vous ne connaissez pas de notaire, demandez a vos amis francais ou anglais qui vous feront part de leur experience et vous indiqueront quel notaire choisir.

Enfin, si vous souhaitez l'assistance et la publicité d'une agence immobilière, demandez aussi conseil a vos amis. A la signature du compromis de vente (ou promesse de vente) qui est une veritable contrat, exigez de l'acheteur le versement d'une somme de garantie de 5 a 10% du prix de vente, c'est votre droit et cela vous garanti du succes de la vente. Certaines agences immobilieres peu scrupuleuses ou desireuses de vendre le plus de maisons possibles, risquent de vous faire perdre beaucoup d'argent. Once more, ask your friends and be very cautious.

Good luck ...!



Hang a thief when he's young, and he'll no' steal when he's old.