a mystery solved

Twenty eight flag poles but only 27 flags. Strange. What had happened to the missing flag?......Which flag was missing?
The mystery presented itself as we drove past the 'Roundabout of Europe' in Montmorillon in May this year, on our first visit of 2017. Having passed the roundabout several times in subsequent weeks, including one complete circumnavigation - to be certain - it was clear that the missing flag of Europe was that of the UK.
The 'what' having been solved, the 'why' needed to be addressed.
A visit to the Mairie in Montmorillon elicited the suggestion that the particular flag in question may have been removed for repair or replacement or perhaps........it was Brexit. The lady at the Mairie was unable to contact the person responsible for 'flags' so promised to make enquiries and advised that someone would telephone to explain why the Union Jack was no longer flying on the 'Roundabout of Europe'.
Two days later the explanation was given over the telephone; THE UK IS NO LONGER PART OF THE EU. Despite my sterling efforts (pun intended) to explain the effect of Article 50, two years' notice period, negotiations in Brussels, etc. the Mairie's representative would not be persuaded.  As far as the authorities of Montmorillon are concerned the UK is  no longer part of the EU.
Should someone tell Messrs. Barnier and Davis that they are wasting their time?